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Исполнитель: Thono Slowknow

Thono Slowknow (a.k.a. Tono Slono, Tonto Slonko et al; real name Tony Sheng) is a rap-artist from Helsinki, Finland. He is known from the group Vähäiset Äänet that consists also of Ruudolf and Karri Koira. He is also known from his appearances in SMC Hoodrats and Lähiörotat skujaa-videos with Juno, Avionin Prinssi, Eräkoira (also with Notkea Rotta in the latter video). Solo album discography: Kaks levyä hyllyssä (2003) Untitled (with Dena Hena) (2004) Pihalla taas (2009) ead more on

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